Our Story

Abut Drift Brush
We create Fashion For Those Who Drive. ™ Drift Brush™. So many people today care less and less about driving. We are here to encourage people to drive with skill. In doing do we encourage safe and legal operation of vehicles. Don't use public roads, save it for the track or simulators.

We know there is a sizable community of people who still care about safety, technique and honing their skills while driving. Driving can be exhilarating we created a line of clothes that promotes our passion for the skill and safety of driving and motorsport. Our premium threads with minimal style designs are reckognizable to those that shae our same passion.

The name Drift Brush comes from the action of drifting our paint brush (digital pen) across the canvas to make amazing automotive works of art. 

Check out or latest T-shirts designs available now! Follow us on Instagram @driftbrushart to see what we are up to. Based out of Minneapolis Minnesota we are a graphic design, car enthusiast, art brand and fashion label. We design shirts, pants and other accessories while enjoying our passion for motoring excellence. We don't condone or encourage in any way for anyone to drift on public roads nor in any illegal ways or settings. Drive safe.